Auvitra 20 mg
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Auvitra is used to treat erectile dysfunction (male impotence). It is a disease that is surrounding a wide population of men disabling men to produce an erection for sexual activity.

Auvitra is a PDE-5 inhibitor. PDE-5 is an enzyme responsible for camps breakdown, its inhibition leads to  an accumulation of cGMP in soft tissues of the penis. Auvitra works only under sexual stimulation that releases nitric oxide in the walls of blood vessels. The cGMP accumulation stimulates an increased release of nitric oxide that furthermore produces smooth muscle relaxation and vasodilation. This whole mechanism is responsible for the increased inflow of blood toward penile soft erectile tissues and decreases outflow from it to maintain penile engorgement for perfect erection necessary for desired sexual activity. This erection stays longer, and it is  just like natural erection and it ended after orgasm.

Auvitra dosage strength is administered with a glass of water before sexual activity. It can be taken anywhere in between 30 minutes to four hours because it is its onset of action. However, it produces peak effects between 30 minutes to 2 hours. It can be taken with or without food but food may decrease its absorption, and it takes a longer time to produce the desired effect. So for good performance, you must take on an empty stomach and do not drink alcohol or grapefruit juice because both of them will reduce your performance.

The use of Auvitra is prohibited if you have previous history of heart diseases, Vardenafil hypersensitivity, penile deformation and genetic retinitis pigmentosa.

Auvitra generally well tolerated. It is reported that very few patients have got side effects that resolve immediately upon discontinuation of the drug. In the case of any severe effect, you must get emergency medical treatment and stop its use.

The side effects related to Auvitra are a headache, dizziness, dry mouth, facial flushing, vision changes or  loss of vision, loss of, skin rashes, allergic reactions, dyspepsia, numbness, muscle ache, backache, irregular heartbeat, stroke and fainting.

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